Johnny Kalsi plays for many other bands as a session player or as collaborations (which he is up for doing sometimes). In the past he has been a member of many bands including Fun^Da^Mental, Trans-Global Underground, Asian Dub Foundation, Natacha Atlas &  Kula Shaker.

His main band of course is The Dhol Foundation but he is also STILL a recognized & active 20 Year member of AFRO CELT SOUND SYSTEM.

Johnny's Response to AfroCeltSoundSystem statement.

There have been a few statements put up from the .ORG of the same name. Most of which are in fact lies to try and make our fans feel pity on them and actually look at us as if we were responsible. This was NOT an easy choice to make. Conversations were had, Tracks were played as ideas, None were taken on, on the basis they did not sound like Afro Celts. (They were demos)!

There are underlined issues that are being addressed at this time - but the simple explanation is the fact that Simon Emmerson conceived the idea of Afro Celt in 1995. This has been his vision for a very long time now. This is a vision we (N'fally & Myself) wanted to be a part of & we believed in to the point we wished to be a part the writing process for years. Simon was OK with this idea but was not only his decision at that time. We were promised that this would happen by other partners. It never did! We were kept quiet for years.

Source is actually a commemorative album to mark 20 years of ACSS and to go back and explore the journey how it all began reaching out to people that played on the very first album while discovering fresh talent (Including N'fally & Myself as co-writers this time) and inviting them on the album also. This is our best work to date and we (as Africans) have never been allowed to make our music and write on ANY Previous ACSS albums. This is the FIRST album we have been allowed to actually be a part of the conception of the tracks and forward ideas and direction of tracks. To be able to work together as a proper band. Not like before. Whilst we very much appreciated our journey we feel that, to end up in the situation where the business becomes more important than the music - you know there's a problem especially when it takes 10 years for creative development in terms of a new album.

We also hope for a resolution and quickly as this is very stressful for everyone. We do not wish to make this more complicated than it is already. Thanks

Johnny With........

Asian Dub Foundation


The Imagined Village


Bollywood Brass Band